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Mythos Merchandise

  • Beyond Books
    • The sponsors of the HPL Film Festival in Portland, OR. They have great videos of mostly amateur HPL movies. Given that HPL himself usually sought publication in APAs, we think he would've approved.
  • Chaosium's Online Catalog
    • Chaosium now has its own online store, selling Call of Cthulhu game books, their line of Lovecraftian fiction, and Miskatonic university degrees.
  • Dagon Industries
    • Do you want a "Cthulhu-fish" sticker for your car? How about a knit cap emblazoned with an Elder Sign? How about a shot glass with the Miskatonic logo? Well, here's the store for you!
    • This company is making RPG books available in PDF format, through partnerships with major companies. They have an agreement with Chaosium, and many wonderful Call of Cthulhu books are available through them.
  • Dynomoose Studios' CafePress Stores
    • The first three are specifically Bloop-oriented products! How can we be unhappy about that? The last link is her general site for t-shirts, which she describes as "From funny to offensive with some absurd in-between".
  • Entertainment Earth
    • These guys have a great selection of Cthulhu plushes, the SOTA toys, and the Cthulhu CCG!
  • Gay Miskatonic @
    • I've been explaining to people for years that gay people make as good students of Medieval Metaphysics as the next person. And now we can show our gay pride at our Alma Mater! Check it out!
  • Java's Crypt
    • They have some nice jewelry based on Call of Cthulhu designs.
  • Kthulhu Kitsch
    • The Plushies, T-shirts, and the delightful Cthulhu Devotional Candle. Also, these folks are now handling's merchandise.
  • Mule Design Feed Store
    • Frequent Correspondent Rhiannon hipped us to this place. Check out their squid-oriented short and iPod cover.
  • Necronomicon Press' eBay Store
    • Apparently this is why we haven't seen much new coming out of Necronomicon Press of late - they are having a good time with an eBay store! Check out the cool stuff they're selling!
  • OffWorld Designs
    • Correspondent Drew Clark sent us here. Some really cute shirt designs.
  • Sigh Co.
    • Purveyors of numerous amusing t-shirts, including some with a distinctly Bloopy bent. Thanks much to our hard-working correspondent Brian Downes for this link.

More listings to come!

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