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General Pics

  • Our Founder
    • BloopWatch Founder Andrew "Aethan" French pores over forbidden tomes and personal files while pondering a mystery (like why anyone would really want to see this photo. ;) )
  • Revenge!
    • BloopWatch Correspondent Ingmar!'s picture of ordinary people taking revenge against Cthulhu's ilk! (The faces have been blocked to prevent any possible cultist reprisal.)
  • Cthulhu Custard Buns!
    • We can't even go out for Dim Sum without finding evidence of the corruption of the Old Ones...
  • Cthulhu Saffron Cake?
    • Okay, this way out confection was given to us by Correspondent Jim PeMelin. He says, "I have made dream observations and preserved them in unspeakable saffron dough! This geotagged photo shows Cthulhu rising at R'lyeh as in my dream.Take measures to reduce sanity loss by covering your eyes with both hands and just look through a little gap betwen your index and ring fingers." You can view the original and some extras on

Ian C. Hawkins' Photo-Essays

Photos from Michael Luongo

The January 23, 2010 Bloopwatch 826 Boston Expedition

The September 16, 2006 BloopWatch "Athol vs. Dunwich" Expedition

The May 4, 2003 BloopWatch "Mystery Hill" Expedition

The January 19, 2003 BloopWatch "I Am Providence" Tour

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