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BloopWatch Correspondents

Let's face it: the BloopWatch project is not going to be all that spectacular if it's just me typing away here. I'm looking for people to become members of the BloopWatch team. What I need is the donation of a piece to the site, whether it be a real life news article, news about a Lovecraft game or movie, photos of a Lovecraftian locale, original fiction, a review of a piece of Lovecraftiana, or whatever. For the donation of one accepted piece of material, I will make you an Official BloopWatch Correspondent for your area.

What does that get you? much, actually. My gratitude is the only thing I can guarantee. ;) I'm going to try and get a nice button design, and I'll send one to everyone involved. In addition, you get a byline and a profile up on the webpage, thus immortalizing you in some small way. :)

Please, everyone join me in making this a great HPL site.

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