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Lovecraftian Links


We've joined quite a few webrings, and we'll probably join more. Here's the current hit parade...

The H.P. Lovecraft Webring
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The Mythos
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The Colour Out of Cyberspace
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About Lovecraft and his writings

  • The Temple of Dagon
    • This sight is the host for CthulhuMUD. Go check it out!
  • The H.P. Lovecraft Archive
    • This is a really great source to learn about most any aspect of HPL and his life that you could wish to.
  • The Gentleman from Providence
    • Alan Gulette's biography of HPL is an excellent read. The rest of his site is quite good as well.
  •'s H.P. Lovecraft Library
    • I came across this site while researching a title of one of HPL's stories. I do not know how long it will last, or if they will be challenging Arkham's House's rather dubious claim to the rights to HPL's works, but it's available at the present.
    • These guys are really great. They have excellent sources of almost anything related to HPL.
  • The Official Cthulhu Mythos FAQ
    • While I'm not sure how anything can claim to be the official FAQ of something like the Cthulhu Mythos, which was started by HPL, and then added to by numerous sources, this is certainly an extremely in-depth look at the works.
  • H.P. Lovecraft: A Literary Appreciation Page
    • An HPL appreciation page, including a history and essays.
  • MythosWeb
    • Book reviews of many in-print books of Mythos fiction.
  • The Ultimate Mythos Book List
    • Quite a nice resource for those who read the Mythos.
  • Wikipedia - H.P. Lovecraft
    • Wikipedia's article on the man himself
  • DagonBytes
    • Another source for HPL's stories online. My link goes right to the Lovecraft, but you can certainly go back and view the site from the beginning.

Archives of Other Mythos Authors

  • The Eldritch Dark
    • The works of frequent Mythos author Clark Ashton Smith. Not all of it is Mythos-related, but HPL certainly adopted him strongly into the Mythos family. :) (Thanks to BloopWatch Correspondent Clay "Hippie" Dickenson for the link.)

Archives of Original Mythos Fiction

The Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing Game

Miscellaneous Links

  • 8BM
    • This site was submitted by BloopWatch Correspondent Seth Russell, who says, "Hey, me again, but this time I've got something a little different. It was said that before the rise of Great Cthulhu from the depths of the ocean, madness will spread throughout mankind, and this site: is the resource for the insane things that man is capable of. Its a bit of a racy site, a lot of cursing, and because of the nature of the site, a lot of the news is about things that could offend. Its your perogative, but I thought I would just share this with you, because if you can get past the rough edges, 8BM provides us all with an insight to the insanity that seems to soak the world today." Well said. It's a fascinating site.
  • Aethyrflux
    • I...yeah...a way out there blog that sufficiently amused me while I was reading it...thank you BloopWatch Correspondent Shanta!
  •'s The Most Disturbing Animals on Earth: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.
    • I don't even have to make up stuff to show HPL's influence on the world around us...or the world around us and it's influence on HPL. Some highlights include the Giant Humboldt Squid, the Vampire Squid, and the Heteropoda Maxima, a spider over a foot in diameter. (Thanks to BloopWatch Correspondent Rob Sales for the links.
  • Baharna
    • Although much of it appears to be a lot of new age type stuff, it has excellent resources on the Mythos, including a vast index to Lovecraft's works.
  • The Charnel Gate
    • A fine and entertaining site, run by a BloopWatch Correspondant - Christopher Trezise!
  • The Official Cthulhu for President Site
    • Every four years, the Elder Party goes to work with the slogan 'Why Choose the Lesser Evil?' This year, they've gone high-tech!.
  • The Cthulhu Circus
    • My good friend and BloopWatch Correspondent Jason Carr pointed me towards this excellent blend of Lovecraftian Horror and Newspaper Pablum. Check it out!
  • CthulhuTech
    • The official website for the CthulhuTech RPG, which mixes HPL with Japanese mecha-type anime.
  • The Cthulhutone Challenge!
    • Carl Diehl was kind enough to direct us towards his site. Go and have fun creating the Cthulhutones!
  • The Cult of Cthulhu
    • Apparently, these are the neighbors. ;) They have great forums, which are used to discuss magic, philosophy, and religion at it pertains to the Mythos. Their head priest, Venger As'Nas Satanis, has a lot of his paintings up on his MySpace page.
  • Damn Them
    • I debated whether to put this link in Links or Merchandise. An unusual service to be sure.
  • The Dunwich Herald
    • This site was submitted to us by its creator, Edgar Allen Lovecraft. It's a great site! Very often "laugh out loud" funny.
  • The Grates: Burn Bridges
    • This site was submitted by BloopSquad Regular Stephen "iyu" Domanski. This is a music video on YouTube with some very...interesting costuming choices...
  • H.P. Lovecraft in the Comics
    • This is a very good archive of the various comic book appearances of HPL's mythos.
  • Harksen's H.P. Lovecraft Page
    • The website for publisher H. Harksen
    • The site for Jeff Spangler's artwork. Creepy.
  • LOLthulhu
    • Yes, Cthulhu, also, sometimes wonders if he can haz cheezburger... (Thanks to BWD Clay "Hippie" Dickenson for the link.)
  • Miskatonic University
    • A great site, featuring many oddball features, and an excellent campus store.
  • Museum of Unnatural History
    • I used to love this site, but I hadn't looked in it for ages. Thank you to BloopWatch Correspondent J.C. Honan for the reminder about it.
  • The New England Skeptical Society
    • A very interesting site, which Chris "Paf" Goodwin suggest was sort of the antithesis of I think it's a fascinating look at the science of doubt.
  • The Servants of Tulzscha, Brotherhood of the Green Flame
    • A site deidcated to the summong of Tulzscha. Not so sure of the goodness of that idea, but they do have a lot of great Mythos info on their site. (Thanks to BWC Clay "Hippie" Dickenson for the link.)
  • Stygian Darkness Across the Potomac
    • A blog about Lovecraftian activity in the Washington DC area. If you live in this area, use this to keep yourself safe!
  • The Stygian Depths
    • The art and crafts of a fellow named Jeff. Fun stuff.
  • Temple Bishop's Blog
    • The blog of Temple Bishop, a character created by Drew "Dagon's Daughter" Dahmer
    • A great HPL site that was down for a long time and which has now risen again! Ia! Ia!.
    • A great HPL site in its own right, and a well-rendered focus on fim adaptations of his work. It was gone for a while, but, happily, it has returned!
  • Web of Tentacles
    • The Cthulhoid art of Rebecca Kemp, who has done cover art for the magazine Dark Wisdom.

More links to come!

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