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Note! As of January 7, 2009, I'm going back to covering Mythos-related media. I think the decision to stop was related to my ennui with the overall project at the time. I'll try to fill in as we go.

You can view older items here.


There are an umber of Lovecraftian stories up on Librivox, thanks to MorganScorpion. Unfilmable has a list of the stories, with links, here.

A new album from DC-based artist "The Contrarian" is based on HPL's influences. Eldritch Musicks is said to combine HPL and Rock. Always a fun combo. Need to grab a copy of that.

The soundtrack to the movie Lovecraft Paragraphs is now available at

Computer Games

Rock, Paper, Shotgun had a new article about Cyclopean. Nice to hear that work on this is continuing.

I had an email from N.R. Bharathae of Machine code Games about Hackers of 2073 which they describe as dark and with a Lovecraftian ending.

I was contacted by Scott, the lead developer of Cyclopean, who appreciated our mention. He directed us to Cyclopean's main forum thread. There are articles about the game and short stories, as well. Well worth checking out!


The Innsmouth Free Press is running a Valentine's Day themed contest on writing a Horrific Romance Classified. Read about it, then put your most Lovecraftian purple prose to work.


The HPL Film Festival has announced not only their normal dates in Portland, OR (Oct. 1-3) but also a 1-day HPL Festival in Los Angeles on Sept. 11! Get excited!

A Re-Animator Panel will be part of the LA Weekend of Horrors, May 21-23.

Lots of info on Chaosium's involvement at Tentacles can be found here.

Tentacles 2009 is a German gaming convention. This year, Charlie Krank of Chaosium will be there, and there's some kind of epic CoC miniatures game centering on Innsmouth. If you're a European Correspondent, let us know if you're heading there.


Three-Lobed Burning Eye is still going strong. They published issue #18 in October 2008.


A new fiction anthology is on the way from Chaosium. The Yith Cycle chronicles the trials and triumphs of the time and mind-hopping Great Race. We can expect the volume this Spring.

Nick Matamas has posted his novel Move Under Ground online. I can't wait to read it, but I still intend to purchase a copy. Got to support the artists!

H. Harksen, a small press company, has published Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales, an anthology of Lovecraftian works.


I guess this qualifies, in a way. ;) There's now a fan-made video for the song "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fishmen", from the HPLHS. It's pretty good, I must admit. ;)

Graphic Novels

A new graphic magazine called Strange Aeons will be coming out in the near future. It's full of Lovecraftian mystery and horror, and issue 1 has good ol' Cthulhu on the cover. Yay!

Internet Strangeness has a new column, Miskatonic Institute, that intends to offer various "courses". In this column, we read the results of course 102: Introduction to Horror Film Criticism for Teens.

A fellow named Druminor sent me a link to his Cthulhu artpiece. His site also links back to ours. Yes! We're now in a cyclical doom!

A list of 12 Lovecraftian cocktails has been posted. These were developed for the HPL Film Festival. Hmmm. Just the thing for lubricating ones throat regions, I'm sure...


Dark Wisdom is changing to an annual anthology magazine, coupled with an online e-zine.

I'm pleased to see that many HPL magazines we used to talk about are still around:


A new CGI version of Dagon is now available for viewing, thanks to its creator, Lainy Voom.

Our friends over at are hosting their 1st annual Unfilmable Fest on July 17, 2010 in Tulsa, OK. Find details here.

The HPL Historical Society's adaptation of "The Whisperer in Darkness" has a new trailer and a planned release date: October. So excited!

Connor Timmis' adaptation of HPL's "The Silver Key" is now available on

I don't know how this slipped under the eldritch radar, but pre-production for a remake of Re-Animator is underway with Ezra Godden (Dagon, Dreams in the Witch House) as Dr. Herbert West. Check out these articles for more.


No news at this time.


A series called "Herbert West: Re-Animator" is being developed for television. Set as a pre-quel to the movies, the series draws on various Lovecraftian stories to tell its tales. has an exclusive first look. Looks like Lovecraft is getting the "Buffy" treatment. Sorry, old boy. :/


Lovecraftian thespian Jeffrey Combs is strutting his stuff as Lovecraft's "god of fiction" in Nevermore..., a one-man show revue of Edgar Allen Poe. Two performances only, in Baltimore, MD, January 23-24. If you're in the vicinity, I recommend catching it.


No news at this time.


Stumbled across a fun lil comic called Arkham Polytech. Need to delve into it more deeply!

Lovecraft Is Missing is a webcomic that began in 2008. Book 4 begins on April 4, 2010, so you have time to catch up and be ready!

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