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The Conceptual FAQ Sheet

What is a "Conceptual FAQ Sheet"?

  • I'm glad you asked that. :) Most websites have a sheet of Frequently Asked Questions, reflecting questions that have been asked of them over time. has only been open, as of this writing, for about 48 hours. As a result, there are no FAQs for me to answer. Nevertheless, as a tool to better explain what this site is for and what it's about, I felt a FAQ Sheet was invaluable. Therefore I hypothesized what sorts of questions might be asked, and those are the questions I will attempt to answer in this Conceptual FAQ Sheet. If you prefer, you could think of this as a "Mission Statement" or something similar.

What is this page about?

  • In the 1920s and 30s, a writer by the name of Howard Phillips Lovecraft was working on stories of weird fiction, mostly set in and around New England. HPL had a very devoted circle of friends, many of whom were also writers of weird fiction, and most of whom he was in fairly constant correspondance with via letters. He encouraged these folks (often referred to as "the Lovecraft Circle") to use his characters and concepts in their own tales, and they encouraged him to do the same. As a result, a semi-cohesive mythology emerged which was later termed the "Cthulhu Mythos". To this day, writers are using this mythology as the basis for their own tales of horror and the macabre.
  • Since HPL often had a strong sci-fi element to his works, as well as horror, occassionally what was fiction to him one day would be fact the next. A great example is when astromers discovered Pluto. Before the actual discovery, HPL's works had described the 9th planet in our solar system as "Yuggoth", and he seemed quite pleased when a planet in that orbit was actually discovered.
  • As a lover of HPL's works, I often consider news stories from what I consider the HPL angle. I have decided to run this site to help others to do the same, as well as to simply make a webpage honoring the works of a writer I truly admire.

Why BloopWatch?

Are you serious?

  • I suppose that depends on exactly how you mean the question. Do I really think the Bloop will turn out to be Cthulhu? No. Do I think that there is value in exploring the issue from a Lovecraftian standpoint? If only as a piece of entertaining diversion, yes. Serious enough to devote both time and money to the project. And I welcome anyone with a similar attitude to help with the project.

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