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Submissions from BloopWatch Members


  • The Golden Locket, the Auburn Hair, and the Bones
    • by BloopWatch Founder Andrew "Aethan" French
    • Rating: Disturbing
    • Summary: A Christmas Story about a reunion that should not have been
  • Cause and Effect
    • by BloopWatch Correspondent Jonathan Chambers of Southeast Alaska
    • Rating: Mad Science
    • Summary: Scientist Pushes Things Too Far
  • Sample Chapters from That Darn Squid God
    • by special BloopWatch guests, Nick Pollotta and James Clay
    • Rating: Humor!
    • Summary: A sample of Mssrs Pollotta and Clay's forthcoming novel, with the cover illustration!
  • Beneath the House
    • by BloopWatch U.K. Correspondent Christopher Trezise
    • Rating: Lurking Family Problems
    • Summary: Sure, it's a free house, and you shouldn't look gift horses in the mouth. But what you don't know can hurt you.
  • From the Low 200s
    • by Hard-Working BloopWatch Correspondent Brian Downes
    • Rating: Nastiness and Secrets
    • Summary: Poetry can have that kind of effect...
  • Huang III Site A
    • by Hard-Working BloopWatch Correspondent Brian Downes
    • Rating: Science Fiction and Alien Horror (little bit of "language")
    • Summary: What Goes Around...
  • The Truth About Temple Bishop
    • By BloopWatch Correspondent Drew "Dagon's Daughter" Dahmer
    • Rating: High School Drama Gone Wrong
    • Summary: That's what sacrifice means...
  • Of the Account of Jedidiah Marsh, High Priest of Dagon
    • By BloopWatch Correspondent Drew "Dagon's Daughter" Dahmer
    • Rating: Dark Family History
    • Summary: Is blood thicker than water?


Scientific Data

  • Data from Anthropological Student and BloopWatch Correspondent M.S.
  • Data from BloopWatch Correspondent J.C. Honan


New entries to be added as need demands

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