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Stephen Missal's Art Gallery

Stephen Missal is one of the illustrators featured in Wizards of the Coast's Call of Cthulhu D20 book. He teaches at the Art Institute of Phoenix and is currently working with a colleague to finish a textbook for college entitled Exploring Drawing for Animation, which is scheduled to come out in October. He is a self-described "Lovecraft nut" and would love to illustrate "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" and "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath", amongst other stories. His current website is at, but his wife is working on a much larger site. He can be emailed at .

  • Cthulhu Head
    • Stephen says, "Attached is a new Cthulhu for posting...I liked it as an alternative to my other stuff."
  • Ghast Heads
    • Stephen says, "Here is a Ghast Head (from Unkown Kadath)...may be in a potential book...that I'm making a sample chapter for."
  • Cthulhu
    • Stephen says "Had a little new sketch (rather abstract) of Cthulhu. This one is sans wings and claws...more of an amorphic state that appeals to me. The more conventional depictions look, um, kinda corny. But that's my own bias. Usually when Lovecraft decided to 'exactly' describe one of his creations, the results were not so coolio and scary. He was better off when a bit vague."
  • Sea Beast
    • Stephen says this is "a group of huge clam/sea reptile hybrids."
  • Cthulhu Head
    • Self-explanatory, really.
  • Croctopus
    • Stephen says, "Another hybrid swamp-dweller,"
  • Wizard and Globe
    • A grumpy looking wizard, perhaps of ancient Atlantis or Lemuria
  • Icky Two
    • Stephen says, "A scene much like my water turn-off in my front yard." Oooookay.
  • Yellow Priest
    • Stephen says, "The yellow priest shown rambling through some ruins on a mysterious mission."
  • Basking Manta
    • Stephen says that this is "a critter I did today while teaching. It's a fantasy basking manta, about two hundred feet long, with a mini-ecosystem inthe bubble under its 'wings'."
  • The Battle
    • Stephen said that this picture "depicts two enormous very unhuman combatants, similar to what I try to get rid of in my bathroom from time to time." TMI Stephen. ;)
  • Queasy Thing
    • Stephen described this as "something that doesn't know if it's coming or going." If we're lucky, it's going...
  • In the Gug's Tower
    • One of my favorite parts of one of my favorite stories... :)
  • Gug One Again
    • An excellent look at gug anatomy...this is as close as I'd ever want to get to one, really...
  • Thinker
    • Described by Stephen as "an episode from a middle east trip taken some time ago, with a thoughtful moment on an obscure bit of statuary no longer above the sands."
  • Red Flyer
    • Kind of a hunting horror sorta critter. Stephen mentions that its "good for pest control." Hmmmm...
  • Analog
    • Stephen simply describes this as "possible underwater scenario with enormous basking worm creatures." Sounds good to me.
  • Curwen's Guard
    • Given the title of this piece, I assume this is an example of the 'liveliest awfulness' Curwen's notes warn of.
  • Nightgaunt
    • Just look at it...ready to grasp and tickle...creepy, faceless critters...
  • Tentacle
    • Stephen assures me that this man is already dead, so the tentacle is not causing him any inconvenience...
  • Azathoth
    • The daemon sultan itself.
  • Oops!
    • I'm not sure who to root for...
  • Green Fizz
    • I hate when this happens...
  • Scorpagator
    • Some monstrous beast from beneath the waves...
  • Shuggoth
    • An amorphous critter emerging from unknown haunts
  • Sea Thing
    • A strange creature from the ocean depths...
  • Meltdown
    • This cannot be good for you...
  • Curwen Screams
    • A painted piece, depicting the (first) death of Joseph Curwen from "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward".
  • Willett Screams
    • Sometimes, it's best not to look in the creepy hole, no matter how much we might wish to.
  • The End of Edward Hutchinson
    • Curwen's sorcerous compatriot gets his.
  • Curwen's Journeys
    • Stephen describes this as "an imaginary depiction of what might have happened on Joseph Curwen's journeys abroad when he was young."

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