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The Web Award That Should Not Be

Let's face it; there are a lot of webpages out there dedicated to Mr. Lovecraft's works. I have been pondering a way to give a tip of the hat to those I consider the best. Thanks to a wonderful bit of art by BloopWatch Correspondent Steve Domanski, we now present the dread Web Award That Should Not Be, to be given for Tentacular Excellence Online. I intend to give one of these out a month, and I am more than willing to look at pages that you, our Correspondents and Readers, feel should be given this dubious and somewhat disturbing honor. If you have, or know of, a webpage that you feel displays Tentacular Excellence, then send its URL to

August 2004

I wanted to kick off the return of BloopWatch with a new WATSNB. After much thinking, I have decided to award this...prestigious? Sought-after? Hmmm...dunno. Well, I'm giving it to These folks do a fine job of researching and collating all the HPL Film-oriented news there is to find, and we're proud to think of them as partners in making the online world a little stranger. Enjoy the award, guys. You've earned it.

September 2003

I have been a big fan of for some time now. Like, they're always one of the first places I look for news. They're also very dedicated to getting the information out there for HPL fans, and they can be really fast. I know that, if I get a story out there before they do, I've really accomplished something. For all that and for so much more, I am very happy to salute and give them our award.

April 2003

I have received no submissions regarding a candidate for the April WATSNB, and I have no specific site in mind that I wish to honor, so I've decided not to award one. This also prompts me to decide to not necessarily give one out every month. I will only give out a WATSNB if I receive nominations, or personally see a site I think is above and beyond in terms of its excellence.

March 2003

There are many wonderful HPL sites out there, but I am more than pleased to give the March WATSNB to As I said in my email to them, their site made me debate long and hard about whether or not to work on my own, because it's so good. When I sit down to do an update, their site is one of the first I look at. Kudos to you folks,

February 2003

I am pleased to give the February WATSNB to Miskatonic University. The M.U. website was one of the first I ever found online, and their diverse materials are truly both entertaining and educational. In particular, I recommend a browse through the Pickman Art Institute's presentation of Propping Up the Mythos.

January 2003

I am happily and without reservation giving the January WATSNB to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive. The HPL Archive is a marvelous site, rich with information on not only HPL and his works, but, also, the influence his work has had on popular culture. I recommend this site to anyone with a passion for Lovecraft's stories and ideas.

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